“The Happiest Race On Earth!”​



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Tech Inspection

2021 Norra Mexican 1000 has just began, taking place in Ensenada, Baja california. We had a chance to speak with Caballo Del Diablo, Justin Lofton and Tanner Foust and they mentioned a little about what will take place “racing and vintage off-road trucks” Wish them luck!

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Day 2 San Felipe to Bay of LA

NORRA Mexican 1000, Day 2: After a long day of racing the team gets prepared for the 2nd day of Norra 2021, starting off from San Felipe and heading up to the coastal bay, Bahia de Los Angeles. The Yokohama team got plenty of time left to celebrate the arrive to Bay of LA, and got some rest before heading out for the next day. Let’s get ready for day 3! 

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Day 3 Bay of LA

NORRA Mexican 1000, Day 3: On the middle day of this journey, the Yokohama team headed out from the Bay of LA, and this time it was different, the goal was to go through a loop of 257-miles and ending up at the same place, the Bay of LA. The Yokohama team celebrated with some amazing carne asada and cold beers, it couldn’t get any better! 

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Day 4 Bay of LA to San Felipe

NORRA Mexican 1000, Day 4: Heading out from the Bay Of LA, the team gets ready for the day to hit the goal of arriving at the bay of San Felipe. Justin Lofton is looking forward for more loops on the road, and the whole team is happy to be representing the Yokohama team. Let’s get ready for the last day of this amazing journey!

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Day 5 San Felipe to Ensenada

NORRA Mexican 1000, Day 5: The last day of this journey, the Yokohama team gets ready for the final race, starting at the bay of San Felipe and traveling for about 250 km to Ensenada. The team is super thankful with Yokohama for the opportunity to race at Norra 2021. 

We joined YOKOHAMA once again to shoot nonstop for 5 days NORRA MEXICAN 1000 “The Happiest Race On Earth” and deliver daily videos and a full event video due to our expertise in past off-road projects.  No other racing event immerses competitors in the culture and beauty of Baja, like the NORRA Mexican 1000 and the competitors run the gamut from off-road racing icons and current stars, to well-travelled lovers of Baja. NORRA has classes for bikes, quads, UTV’s, and 4-wheel classes, from vintage vehicles to state-of-the-art race cars. There’s even the Savvy Safari class for stock and slightly modified OEM vehicles (non-race vehicles).

Chasing high-speed vehicles.

The editor selected the music weeks ahead to just work each day on the editing process of the provided material. Equipment tests were required to use the Tilta Float, and it was also the debut of DJI FPV in Baja, a game changer and the newest technology in film drones, perfect for this type of project where we need to chase high-speed vehicles. Yokohama also provided us with tires for our two vehicles as sponsorship and to prepare for the bumpy ride.

Action Camp

We strategically planned who was going to be in the starting points and who was going to receive the razors at the arrivals, and in the action camp of course, where most of the fun takes place under the sun and the beautiful north-east Mexican landscapes. Joining Foust and Lofton are fellow Team Yokohama members Boyd Jaynes and Brian Godfrey, who race as Caballo Del Diablo. Things heated for the Caballo Del Diablo Team but getting lost, stuck and massacred by silt makes for a typical week in beautiful Baja.  Lofton was also humble in admitting that he hit a ditch with too much speed, and broke a wheel.

90 participants started...

and only 63 reached the finish line,of which the prototype of the german electric crossover raced by Tanner Foust took 61st place.

previous years

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2019 Yokohama NORRA 1000

 Yokohama brings Norra 1000, 2019; the ultimate off-road rally that stretches across the entire Baja Californian peninsula, north to south in the span of five days.

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2018 Yokohama NORRA 1000

Yokohama brings NORRA 2018, an off-road rally at this point in stage 3, roaring the engines on a 600 km inter-state track going from La Bahía de los Ángeles all the way to Loreto.



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