Shooting and editing dailies in vertical format on the ”Happiest Race on Earth”



FORMAT: 16:9 24FPS

RES: 4K UHD 2160P



Shooting and editing dailies in vertical format ON THE HAPPIEST RACE ON EARTH

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Tech Inspection

2022 Norra Mexican 1000 teams coming  together in Ensenada, Baja California, as they prepared for the first stage of legendary rally. The desert crew made a strategic point to film interviews to all units.

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Day 2 San Felipe to Bay of LA

NORRA Mexican 1000, Day 2: Adrenaline-fueled sprint along the Sea of Cortez coastline. The Yokohama drivers keep the momentum going as they push their vehicles, GEOLANDARS across the Baja. The crew captured the best moments of the race and filmed in vertical format.

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Day 3 Bay of LA to Loreto

NORRA Mexican 1000, Day 3: The racers are charging ever closer to Cabo. Yokohama team Caballo del Diablo and Wayne Matlock are putting GEOLANDARS through the paces and proving them up to the task. The crew captured all the fun and struggles of the day.

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Day 4 La Paz to Los Cabos

NORRA Mexican 1000, Day 4: The last stage was a battle, but Team Yokohama drivers pushed themselves and their vehicles through. We filmed across the high speed vehicles thanks to our newest technology in drones.

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Day 5 San Felipe to Ensenada

NORRA Mexican 1000, Day 5: From Ensenada to Cabo, Baja threw its worst at out teams and their GEOLANDARS. We congratulate Wayne Matlock for his 1st class and 4th overall finish and special thanks to every driver on Yokohama. 

We joined YOKOHAMA once again to shoot nonstop for 5 days NORRA MEXICAN 1000 “The Happiest Race On Earth” and deliver daily videos in vertical format for Instagram Reels. No other racing event immerses competitors in the culture and beauty of Baja, like the NORRA Mexican 1000, and we joined Caballo del Diablo, Wayne Matlock and Kristen Matlock in this adventure.

Bullet Editing

The bullet editor, Alonso Bujanda, selected the music weeks ahead, as long as the foley montage to just work each day on the editing process. He also created a timeline and color grading for the reels weeks ahead of the race. It was also necessary to have graphics ready and different file format for the HDD, to make the process faster. 


The crew of cinematographers, Alex Mendivil, Tadeo Oloño, Jesus Meneses and Benito Quijada joined to strategically shoot different points of the race. They first interviewed Yokohama Team Boyd Jaynes and Brian Godfrey, who race as Caballo Del Diablo.  They also had one on ones interviews in Tech Inspection with Kelson motorsports, raced by Wade Kelson. They later joined them nonstop until the finish line.

Chasing The Devil...

The Happiest Race on Earth included all the beautiful scenery and challenging trails Baja is known for, and shooting Caballo del Diablo in action is always a fun experience. 

previous years

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2021 Yokohama NORRA 1000

 Yokohama brings Norra 1000, 2021; shooting nonstop for 5 days NORRA MEXICAN 1000 “The Happiest Race On Earth” and delivering daily videos capturing the race and the beauty of Baja.

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2019 Yokohama NORRA 1000

 Yokohama brings Norra 1000, 2019; the ultimate off-road rally that stretches across the entire Baja Californian peninsula, north to south in the span of five days.

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2018 Yokohama NORRA 1000

Yokohama brings NORRA 2018, an off-road rally at this point in stage 3, roaring the engines on a 600 km inter-state track going from La Bahía de los Ángeles all the way to Loreto.



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