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Visit Tucson

"Tucson es tu casa" promoting downtown Tucson for the Latinx Community.

Discover Latino Life in the Heart of Tucson

The Challenge

Our video production company has developed a promotional video for Visit Tucson, based on an original storyline where Downtown Tucson takes center stage. We highlight the diversity of the latinx community, showcasing how its visitors have become residents, its timeless landmarks, iconic local businesses, vibrant night life and scenes that imprint themselves in your mind like a postcard.

The challenge was to find locations in the city that seamlessly blend the contemporary and the historical. We aimed to represent places where cultures unite and create a unique lifestyle that combines art, cultures, gastronomy, identity, and new customs.

The Strategy

Our director wrote a creative proposal that came to life the first day of production. We crafted an iconic storytelling that showcased three pillars: the urbanity, diversity, and history of the city. Tucson is full in history, and the city has made it an integral part of its identity, evident in every corner of its streets. Our editor, on the other side, created a fun and dynamic approach with a mix of music and transitions. Special effects was also part of the editing process. Our editor created a tangible postcard that transports you through time.

The Results

The video was posted in Visit Tucson’s social media and gained 4k views in the first day. This promotional video serves as a powerful tool to convey the influence of the latinx market in Downtown Tucson, while highlighting the city's diverse culture, unique identity, iconic landmarks, vibrant community, bustling nightlife, and thriving businesses to its prospective visitors.

Behind The Scenes



DIRECTOR: Alex Mendivil


AP & TALENT: Stephanie Vega

EDITOR: Raul Lopez


PRODUCER: Alejandrina Bonillas

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