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Transforming a shelter into a sanctuary and creating a social impact documentary to tell their story.

Creating an original social impact documentary looking for safety and opportunity in a new beginning.

The Challenge

Alight, alongside Burners without Borders (backed up by Burning Man), Ronald Rael, and our video production company (Alejandro Mendivil as the Cinematographer) got caught up in Lika’s vision of transforming a shelter into a sanctuary. We followed Ronald through the process of building an “horno” with the help of the community, as he explains the symbolic meaning behind fire, how it brings people together with its warmth, functionality, and light in this social impact documentary.

The Strategy

The cinematography of this social impact documentary centers in what this place means to the people who had been left without a home. The camera experiences a witness/guest point of view where we can feel through beauty shots and hide-out perspectives the hard work and tranquility of this place. We also have a colorful and warm palette, resembling the spirit of youth and playful light flares, that reminds us that there is always a hint of light in every moment.

The Results

A Little Piece of Home (Pedacito de la Tierra) Social Impact Documentary Film premiered in a virtual event aimed to amplify unity through joy, which celebrated and bolstered the connection of communities across borders with food, space and hope.

Behind The Scenes


CREATOR | PRODUCER: Kai Schoenhals

DIRECTOR: Lina Lyte Plioplyte


WRITER: Kai Schoenhals

WRITER: Leigh Glynn-Finnegan


ORIGINAL MUSIC: Vanessa Forero

STORY DEVELOPMENT: Alight | BWB | Professor Ronald Rael

TRANSLATION: Raquel Orellana Nuñez | Ramiro Martinez | Charles Lehnen

PRE-PRODUCTION SUPPORT: John Behrens | Brook Holston

SPECIAL THANKS: Sister Alma Angélica Macías Mejía (Lika) | Reverend Rodger A. Babnew Jr. | The residents at Casa de Misericordia

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