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It's a Living | Fábrica de Cerveza La Ruina

A documentary about the production and brewing process of craft beer.

Discover the secrets behind the flavor and freshness of local craft beer in Hermosillo.

The Challenge

Documenting how Ricardo Gonzalez (It’s a Living), a Mexican street artist, sets to transform alongside Fábrica de Cerveza La Ruina, the “Para Soñar’’ mural into a cool craft beer.

The Strategy

In the span of just two shooting days we filmed the arrival, the time inside the lab, the creation and design of the can, to finally go through the release and development of this documentary.

The Results

The axis of the piece was to escalate and launch the unique idea into the stars; into its release and meeting with the world; following a narrative led by pieces of sketches and trails.

Behind The Scenes


DIRECTOR: Alejandro Mendivil


DP: Jesus Meneses

PRODUCER: Betty Encinas

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