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Fysson "Estamos contigo"

Experience an Adrenaline-Fueled Journey with Fysson's Captivating Commercial

The Challenge

Our video proposal for Fysson showcases a creative and innovative story that combines brand positioning and communication strategy, emphasizing the connection between their service and brand. Thrilling race action shots captivate the audience from start to finish, while promoting Fysson and its branches in Hermosillo. Marlen Reyes was the key element that made this commercial come to life with her charismatic and influential performance.

The Strategy

Our production team crafted a brand positioning strategy featuring an awe-inspiring off-road sequence captured by a GoPro, our Blackmagic camera, and Drone. Special elements in the script, including: Norberto, the charismatic chinese water dragon, Marlen Reyes, the captivating TV host from Sonora, and the legendary 1980 Chevrolet Malibu car, were skillfully integrated against the vibrant streets of Hermosillo. The result is an epic tapestry of adventure and excitement with off-road sound and special effects.

The Results

The video quickly gained 4.6K views on social media within its first week of release, consolidated the brand's positioning and communication strategy with a creative storyline. It effectively showcased the exceptional services provided by Fysson, while featuring the brand's name and its branches across the city of Hermosillo.

Behind The Scenes



DIRECTOR: Alex Mendivil

DP: Juan Castillo

AC: Anna Zayas

PRODUCER: Stephanie Vega

VFX EDITOR: Ruben Estrella

EDITOR: Ruben Velderrain

EDITOR: Michelle Soto

AP: Verónica Tarín

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