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Having an intimate conversation with the camera in a fashion film commercial

Discover the magic in Plump's line and their radiant results.

The Challenge

To create a fashion film commercial for PLUMP SKIN, a Korean beauty and skin care brand, leader in technology and innovation. The goal was to communicate how effective their products are, as well as telling the story of how their cosmetics work for all kinds of skin problems, becoming a "must have" in every skin care routine.

The Strategy

Our production team researched for perfect styling for a fashion film commercial. The styling was inspired by futuristic trends, even some of the wardrobe was custom made for the cast. (the plump-blue dress that resembles comfort and a cloudy mood).
The choreography demanded DP Alejandro Mendivil to level up to Daniela, the professional dancer in our cast. Her moves were quick and swift, so we had to capture and follow her through the light spot.

The Results

The Fashion film commercial was created for the beauty brand’s portfolio, to show its diverse products and show people they can be part of their every day skin care routine.

Behind The Scenes


DIRECTOR: Alejandro Mendivil / Vipo

DP: Alejandro Mendivil

AD: Alan Mojica

AC: Ulises Ortiz

PRODUCER: Betty Encinas

ART DIRECTOR: Giselle Teran

EDITOR: Alex Vega

MAKING OF: Magdalena Ceja

ART ASSISTANT: Victor Coronado

STYLIST: Sarahí Ruiz


HAIR STYLIST: Gaby Encinas


MUA: Ximena Samaniego


AP: Sofia Felix

AP: Luis Fernando Molina

AP: Mariana Davila

AP: Ivan Roman

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