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DVL Originals - En el Noro

An original series about the talent and passion around the culture in Hermosillo.

Discover our original series, the different areas in which creative entrepreneurs from Hermosillo pour their talent, heart and soul.

Episode 1: Neighborhoods

In this episode we tell you about one of the most representative neighborhoods in Sonora: La Cinco de Mayo. In a zone full of new cultural and gastronomic trends that have completely transformed the history of the place.

Episode 2: Dreamers

Sonora is getting better by the day! Abandoned places and even zones formerly known to be troublesome are being transformed thanks to the innovation and creation of cultural centers for everyone to share and enjoy these creative propositions.

Episode 3: Makers

Sonora is packed with creative minds and enthusiastic makers. They have blazed unprecedented trails and created amazing audiovisual productions that put the name of our State way up there.

Episode 4: Skate and BMX

Community, freedom and adrenaline: These rail and pavement surfers share their stories and bring us along their journey in this episode.

Episode 5: Street Art

In the heart of Sonora there's a community of artists and communicators that have taken over the streets to turn them into a corridor of ideas that needs no words.

Episode 6: Hackers

The tech industry in the Northwest and its community have been growing side by side. Diverity, inclusion and new propositions in the region have transformed Sonora into a platform for design, creation and sharing. Discover Hackers.

Episode 7: The Munchies

In the Northwest, Sonora has become popular nationwide as a gastronomic jewel, thanks to the great potential shown by chefs and cooks replicating and innovating the recipes from generations ago.

Episode 8: Soundwaves

The Mexican music scene has decentralized thanks to the efforts of a whole generation of talented independent musicians. One of the main movements of this kind happens in the Northwest.

The Challenge

We collaborated with NORO in the creation of this original series, where the intention was to showcase the evolution our city has gone through in different scenes of culture, such as music, art, sports and gastronomy. We believe Hermosillo is full of talent the world should know about. Our challenge was to make that happen.

The Strategy

The plan was to document the projects and local businesses that have transcended and become iconic by enriching the community. We interviewed their founders and main collaborators to pick their brains on what has it meant for them to be part of this revolution our city has been experiencing.
We created each episode of our original series with the intention of capturing all collaborations and synergies that have taken place in Hermosillo and its surroundings and left a legacy in our city.

The Results

This eight-episode mini series captures the essence of what makes Hermosillo what it is, as it showcases our city from its core, told in a very Sonoran way. The entrepreneurs we spoke with came across as very open and friendly in their interviews on every episode. The project earned an Official Selection at the London International Web & Shorts Film Festival in 2022.

Behind The Scenes


DIRECTOR: Alan Mojica

DP: Alejandro Mendivil

AC: Tadeo Oloño

AC2: Eduardo De la Cruz


PRODUCER: Betty Encinas


AP: Magdalena Ceja

AP2: Elizabeth Munguia

AP3: Victor Barrera

SOUND: Andres Cruz

EDITOR: Abril Cosmic

DESIGNER: Alejandra Cordova

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