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El Berraco

Achieving record sales in creative ad campaign

Dive into this submarine narrative by El Berraco

The Challenge

El Berraco is a latin seafood restaurant in Tucson AZ. They were looking to create an ad that would drive visitors to the restaurant who they could turn into loyal customers by charming with their service and delighting them with their food and theme.

The Strategy

The submarine-theme became the core of our narrative, as it enabled us to immerse the viewer into a submarine-ish mood, which then transitions into the whole restaurant experience, highlighting the cooks' skills and the welcoming environment for customers of all ages.

The Results

This was the video used in El Berraco's advertising campaign, which broke their sales record in the first four weeks of launching.

Behind The Scenes


DIRECTOR: Alan Mojica

AD1: Eduardo de la Cruz

AD2: Alejandrina Bonillas

DP: Alejandro Mendivil

AC: Magdalena Ceja

PRODUCER: Betty Encinas


EDITOR: Magdalena Ceja


MAKEUP: Meme Garcia

STYLIST: Meme Garcia

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