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Communicating the brand’s trajectory and innovation providing confidence to its clients in a corporate video

Work ethic and embracing challenges. Discover the winning culture within Construplan Team

The Challenge

To showcase the brand’s different projects and infrastructure variety that they have developed in recent years. Communicating their prestige and trajectory in 2 minutes.

The Strategy

Our production team got to travel and visit the company’s factory and mine. We captured in detail incredible shots of their immense landscapes with our drone units. Through a voiceover, aerial shots, interviews and a cinematic perspective we w ere able to convey the company’s values and vision.

The Results

This corporate video was created to communicate the brand’s mission and vision, illustrating their innovation and hard work through the years.


DIRECTOR: Eduardo de la Cruz

DP: Alejandro Mendivil

PRODUCER: Magdalena Ceja

AC: Victoria Barrera

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