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Noro + Twelve Hundred + KOVAL

Shooting a High-Impact Corporate Event Video for an International Live Podcast

An aftermovie of an event that gathers top leaders from all over the world

The Challenge

Recording the first edition corporate event video for Kauffman Fellows Live Podcast, a show where top leaders in capital formation from around the world talk about the sacrifices, failures and inflection points they go through in their way up to success. This was an event held in Mexico City, where Noro, Twelve Hundred VC and KOVAL were also collaborators. Our media production company was set to shoot the best moments of the live event.

The Strategy

The focus was on capturing the most important moments of the event, making sure to capture the celebrities we knew would attend and covering the podcast topics that were discussed on air. We wanted to tell the story of the whole event in a one-minute corporate event aftermovie.

The Results

The Podcast was broadcasted live and the aftermovie was able to successfully tell the story.


DP: Tadeo Oloño

PRODUCER: Alex Mendivil

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