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Cluster Minero de Sonora

5th International Mining Safety Forum Corporate Aftermovie

Experience the highlights and importance of safety in mining

The Challenge

To capture the most important moments of the seminar in a one-minute corporate aftermovie and demonstrate the impact of this type of events for the mining community. Illustrate the importance of safety in mining.

The Strategy

The production team researched the speakers who would attend, as well as the event sponsors. That way we would make sure all the important moments would make it to the shot list and no important details would slip through the cracks. We also captured the prevention safety activities made as part of the program.

The Results

The corporate aftermovie was published on social media to show the world the event’s impact.

Behind The Scenes


DP: Benito Quijada

DIRECTOR: Alejandro Mendivil

EDITOR: Barbara Solorzano

PRODUCER: Alejandrina Bonillas

MARKETING: Monica Ramirez

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