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Communicate the brand’s philosophy, trajectory, mission and vision in a company anniversary video.

The values and culture that have enabled an organization to thrive in their industry for 30 years.

The Challenge

To create a company anniversary video that emulates a tour through the company's history, main projects, mission, vision and human resources as the main distinguisher from their competitors in the marketplace.

The Strategy

Our production team built a script based on collaborators and clients’ testimonials, who highlighted the company’s human capital value, experience and trajectory. This sets the piece apart with a more ad hoc approach and style for social media.

The Results

This company anniversary video was built in a documentary style, with testimonials from collaborators and clients to communicate the company’s value and growth.


DIRECTOR: Alan Mojica

DP: Juan Castillo

PRODUCER: Elisa Otero

EDITOR: Juan Castillo

EDITOR: Fabian Arana

EDITOR: Barbara Solorzano

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