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Original emotional digital video campaign that aims to pay tribute to how the brand is with you every day.

For more memorable moments together: A heartfelt reminder that caffenio stands by your side through every ups and downs.

The Challenge

The foundation of our digital video campaign revolved around cultivating a sense of unity through a collection of emotional moments, all featuring the brand's presence.

The Strategy

Our creative project encapsulated five real-life situations: friends embarking on a road trip, a dancer shining in the spotlight, a nostalgic mother yearning for her daughter, coworkers sharing a special moment, and a nurse completing her final shift. These everyday moments were brought to life, creating an emotional ambiance where the brand remained ever-present. Through light and movement, we paid homage to the myriad of feelings that accompany you each day.

The Results

Caffenio's digital campaign achieved an impressive reach of 1.2K views on Instagram.

Behind The Scenes


DIRECTOR: Alan Mojica

PRODUCER: Elisa Otero

AP: Stephanie Vega

AD: Alejandrina Bonillas

SCRIPT: Itza Romero

DP: Tadeo Oloño

AC: Magdalena Ceja


AC: Abril Gomez

GAFFER: Victor Luna

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