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Carnes JC

Artistic redesign in a contemporary style brand commercial.

Live and feel the transformation of an established brand into its new identity in this brand commercial production.

The Challenge

This brand commercial production was a collaboration with VIERNES, a Sonoran Advertising Agency. Through our expertise in photography as well as documenting wild animals and landscapes, we managed to add the final element to the new branding package curated by Samuel Pérez, Viernes's Creative Director.

The Strategy

Dramatic storytelling by using light and structure, giving it the amount of suspense necessary to keep the viewer hooked. The meat was the key part, it had to look appetizing, showing real colors, and glowing.

The Results

The artisitc redesign of the brand by telling a visual story about the people’s effort and passion to create a high quality product in an energetic and contemporary montage.

Behind The Scenes


DIRECTOR: Alejandro Mendivil

DP: Daniel Perez Robinson

AC: Anel Alejandri

AD: Eduardo de la Cruz

SOUND: Andres Cruz

PRODUCER: Elisa Otero


EDITOR: Tadeo Oloño

AP: Magdalena Ceja

MAKEUP: Zalma Lopez

STYLIST: Adrianna Campillo

PROD. NOTES: Magdalena Ceja

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