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Dynamic Racing Team

A film documentary production following Christine Giampoli through the beautiful and intense race at Baja 500

Follow Christine Giampoli in this exciting, off-road film documentary production

The Challenge

BAJA 500, an international, long, heavy and ultra fast off-road rally held in the precious Baja California peninsula. We followed Christine Giampoli through the incredible terrain of Baja. Organization is key. Like in all racing shootings, knowing the terrain you’re working on is crucial; in this occasion focusing only on Dynamic Racing helped us make a more tailored and centered piece.

The Strategy

Being a shorter and denser race, the shooting plan of this film documentary production started even before the race, on the pre-runs to hold more material for the cut.

The Results

Incredible documentary following Dynamic Racing through the Baja California peninsula extreme terrain. Showing Christine Giampoli prep and journey through the race.


DIRECTOR: Alejandro Mendivil

DP: Jesus Meneses

EDITOR: Jesus Meneses

PRODUCER: Elisa Otero

DRONE PILOT: Pedro Aguirre

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