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Noro Originals - Bacanora

Creating a short animation documentary of Bacanora: Sonora’s ancestral drink that persisted against prohibition

Loved by many, feared by others. Discover the story behind the beverage that represents Sonora across the globe in this animation documentary.

The Challenge

Creating an original short animation documentary in collaboration with NORO team to share the history and legacy of Sonora. One of the most important challenges for editor José Angel Islas in post-production was to deliver a creative way of storytelling with animation.

The Strategy

It was important for Director Itzmara Romero to give a voice to the people that know the essence of Bacanora, and who better than producers, honorary workers, ranchers, baristas, and historians who know the past better than anyone. The production involved interviewing every single one of them.

The Results

The documentary reached 17.5 million views and created a conversation with the audience in NORO’s social media platform and blog.


PRODUCER: Betty Encinas

DP: Betty Encinas

DP: Betty Encinas

PRODUCER: Betty Encinas


AP: Betty Encinas


EDITOR: Betty Encinas

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