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A shared vision for a region full of opportunities in this corporate event production.


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recapitulate in a modern way the noro as the engine of the development of the country in a corporate event production

On Thursday, November 11, the 2021 Mar de Cortés Forum was inaugurated in Los Cabos, an event that shows the upcoming plans around the northwest region of Mexico. Business leaders and the governors of the five northwest states: (Sonora, Sinaloa, Baja California Sur, Baja California Norte, and Nayarit) gathered at the Hotel Hacienda del Mar to present this first edition. We collaborated with the NORO team to make the full coverage of the event in a dynamic way to create a corporate event production through our narrative and cinematographic perspective. In the end, the deliverables were around 58 pieces of content.


Northwest Mexico is a region where many things are happening, it is a land of opportunities, rich in history and entrepreneurs who work to move not only their states but also the country. However, there are also challenges to be undertaken, areas of opportunity that are being worked on, such as sustainable development, the implementation of new technologies, as well as new economic and social models.

Rendering and Deadlines

One of the most important challenges was to deliver the videos at the end of the day as they happened so that the content shared on the noro account was the most up-to-date.

Sync Up.

We conducted the interviews at the same time that the second unit recorded the lectures on fixed camera. The humor of the interviews was relaxed but formal, like a friendly invitation to the relevant information they shared, making it more friendly and creating a special moment for the corporate event production.



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