El Sabor de Toda Tu Vida

Mariana grew her whole life creating wonderful memories and becoming the successful woman she is now. Always with Mazatun by her side.


FORMAT: 16:9 24FPS

RES: 4K UHD 2160P




Alongside the creative direction from Agencia Viernes, the plan was to write and produce all the digital assets (film, multiformat videos, and photos) for the new Mazatun digital and traditional campaign.


Mazatún is the most recognized canned tuna brand in northwestern Mexico and has been present throughout the lives of its consumers.

They have relied on Viernes to create their campaign strategies from the planning and creative conceptualization, to the design and execution of the 360 media campaigns. This collaboration has grew with the years since this is not the first campaign we have created together.


The idea behind the 2021 campaign was to show Mazatun's audience how the brand has been with them in all the moments that makes the whom they are. Connecting wht the brand values and turning everything in that flavor that will bring all those memories, "El sabor de toda tu vida". Watch Full Branding Poject

That's where Mariana came from, who since a little girl enjoys the simple, versatile and tastefullness of Mazatún. DVL helped visualizing this story, creating a joyfull and ritmic storytelling piece.

Samuel Pérez Alarcón
Director Creativo


Since we had to represent Mariana through the years, casting was a big part of the challenge, Luckly we found Peru and her two beautiful daughters, that made it happend. 

Alongside we needed to create all 6 sets for the diferent timelines and that just for the Film shoot. Still Photography was also part of this production, and it was critical to coordinate both creations, the Film and the stills, where 12 more diferent sets needed to be built. 

Production notes


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In this photographic series it was very important that it was easily identifiable and recognizable as the same person in both photos. For which the following measures were taken. – Each character had a consistent dress style and used a color code. – Each character had the same dish in the two shots, which should be prominent and remarkable. – The poses of each character had to be the same in their young and old versions.

Photos by @alexpotiomkin

Character 1: Mariana

We know Mariana, we have seen her grow.

Character 2: Cristina

Cristina is Mariana’s best friend. She has a rebellious branch, but she loves to dance alone, at her house, just to relax.

Character 3: German

Germán has been a lover of series since he was a child, he especially likes science fiction and police stories.

Character 4: Beto

Beto is very dedicated to his job as an engineer. To relax, his favorite hobby is playing video games. He started this hobby very young, his first console was the Super Nintendo in the 90’s, and since then he has been an avid fan of video games. In 2020, he passed the quarantine breaking all of his records in his favorite games.

Character 5: Fabiola

Fabiola is a woman with a passion for cooking, and has always been since she was a girl. When she was little she asked permission to experiment in the kitchen. Even though at first she only did simple things, she always enjoyed it and she went on to become a professional chef. She in the restaurant she makes the most spectacular creations, but when she is home alone she likes to remember her humble beginnings with simple but very delicious ingredients.

Character 6: Valeria

Valeria is the woman by profession. She has dedicated her life to studying her and she couldn’t be happier about it. Now that she has finished her PhD, she is an official researcher at the university. Although she works hard, she likes to eat healthy because it keeps her energized and alert. One of her favorite ingredients is tuna, because in addition to being rich and nutritious, she reminds him of her study sessions until late, where a can of tuna gave her energy to continue.




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