2021 Yokohama Sonora Rally

Nothing compares to being almost stranded in the middle of the desert with the sun up high in the sky. Waiting for the racers to come through at high speed on desolated but beautiful landscapes.

Sonora Rally 2021: A Journey Through the Sonoran Desert.

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DURATION: 11,19"

FORMAT: 16:9 24FPS

RES: 4K UHD 2160P


LOC: Sonora

Nothing compares to being almost stranded in the middle of the desert with the sun up high in the sky. Waiting for the racers to come through at high speed on desolated but beautiful landscapes. No other race event in Sonora encompasses so many different locations as the Sonora Rally: desert, dunes, coastlines and much more. This is the place to look forward to on the road to a true Dakar experience.

Getting in Context.

Open to Motorcycles, UTV’s, cars and a non-racing Adventure Raid Class, the Sonora Rally is a true Dakar style adventure and a five day navigation race that provides to competitors a big cross-country challenge based on navigation skills and off-road racing experience. One of the most demanding challenges in North America due to its terrain, long distances, the use of road maps and of course the heat. The Sonoran Desert provides one of the most beautiful sceneries to compete in, but these natural environments are also harsh and exhausting, even more for those foreign competitors who have to endure through some of the hottest conditions to prevail. For this particular year, stakes are even higher, with some of the best racers in the world being part of the world, a whole new set of stages that went from San Luis Río Colorado to Rocky Point and back and demanding terrain and weather conditions. And this is only the beginning. 

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Due to our off-road racing experience we prepared with 3 different crew units, two on land and one on the skies.

“Chasers” is a project that looks forward to showing how these experiences unfold behind the camera, how the film crew prepares in order to achieve its distinctive look and dynamic shots, definitely rewarding experience.

– BTS Unit, Alan Mojica

On land we split to cover more terrain and different sceneries, planning ahead through each day to be on the right place and the right time, waiting on the racers to come at full speed in order to be captured by the lens. But this time we had a side project going on, because the film crew reenacts a off-road race everyday in order to be ahead of the competitors, so there was an extra crew unit that filmed the behind the scenes experience for some of the most demanding shots we´ve done.  

As well as for the racers, this event provides to the film crew a challenge to adapt and reinvent every day in order to exceed expectations and shoot iconic sceneries and world class racers. We are all in for this!


During the whole week we planned ahead every single day in order to beat the time the racers would be in the right spots to be filmed. It totally was a race for the film crew as well, and in order to be at the right place days began pretty early in the morning, crew units already knew where they had to be and cinematographer Jesus Meneses was on the helicopter filming from up there during the entire week. Once the land units got to their spots they had to wait under the heat of the sun, in the middle of the desert, on the top of a dune, next to the coastline and much more. The Sonoran Desert provides some of the most impressive landscapes and this year’s rally was no exception. Witnessing full speed motorcycles and UTV’s through these beautiful landscapes is an amazing experience, but even more to film these world class racers passing through as bullets.

The team coordinates all the elements to get the perfect angle and shot.Each day, by the time the stage was over, the film crew returned to the meeting point at the bivouac. The crew had its own shiftpod where footage was backed up and the editor started working on that day’s footage, putting together the daily video for that particular stage. Each day was a different adventure and that made the rally media coverage a demanding but exhilarating experience with many challenges to get over during the different stages but it is definitely an amazing experience full of surprises. You really must experience this rally in order to fully understand the high stakes, the demanding, yet rewarding challenge and overall the enriching exchange with a team of collaborative, committed and talented people that strives for putting together such an exhilarating adventure.
Sonora Rally truly is a full Dakar style adventure with a significant international projection, beautiful landscapes, delicious food, great energy and world class racers. You can’t miss the opportunity of being out there, in the wilderness, with your heart pumped up for more adrenaline and full speed vehicles on sand. If that’s not the definition of a true adventure through the Sonoran Desert I don’t know what is. Such an amazing experience to be part of this journey, one hell of a ride. 

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