The world is already tired and hard enough not to look for something better, Plump presents a small series of moments, which conceptually seek to represent the world from the perspective of the plump world.

Your intimate skincare routine journey guided by mexican beauty gurús.

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FORMAT: 16:9 24FPS

RES: 4K UHD 2160P



The piece is built by a series of precious shots of the process of artisanal cookie making, as well as a moving catalog of the great variety of flavors and colors.The piece represents within a conceptual reality, some moments where the character immerses himself in the world of skin care, either alone or in company. A rich world of textures, colors and movements that allow you to see the skin in all its splendor. Each scene represents the use of a different product line.

Getting in Context.

Plump Skin is an online store, founded in 2018 by two Mexican entrepreneurs Sarahí and Sonia Contreras who seek to offer special Korean products for health and beauty. So now you can join the wave of K-beauty in an easy and fun way.

They want us to know that they are not unrelated to the skin problem, they, like any other pubertal girl / boy, grown-up, acne victim, and any other person who has felt themselves ashame, insecure and didn’t want to go to that party because their skin didn’t felt like going.

After a long search for products that would help improve the appearance of their skin (dermatologists, miracle facial creams, etc.) they could not get rid of acne and spots on the face. Finally, we found thousands of reviews and articles from the most famous magazines talking about the Korean Routine and how wonderful their products are. They discovered that Korea is 14 years more advanced in technology and innovation in skin care products and that is how they ventured to discover how good they are.The catalog is constantly updated to bring effective solutions of Korean cosmetics to the Mexican market, famous for its innovation and cutting-edge technology superior to that of the West.The selection of products that we handle is super exclusive and we have only the best to attack, treat and prevent all types of skin problems, as well as for each type of skin.

For more beauty secrets go to .


An audiovisual piece by Plump Skin is the ideal medium to publicize the tone, aesthetics and products that will be seen in the store in the next season of the brand. The idea is to have at least 2 pieces a year.

“Our treatment is always friendly, we want to be a reliable companion for those who are starting on the skincare path, so we do not respond with an entrepreneurial tone, our mission is to help them shine more,” says Sarahí.

-Plump co-founder Sarahí

· Aesthetics: brand & visual concept.
· The products: curation of products of the season that include the best sellers and obviously a star product that will be launched this season.
· To the market: Without falling into the obvious, it is important to emphasize that skin care is part of daily life and that our users can always pamper or improve their skin, no matter who and how you are.

Remember those moments of pure intimacy and love when you are with yourself… that will make a conversation with the camara.”

Styling - Curated by the Fashion Witch

Note from Sarahí to the crew:
Long live fashion! And long live Plump! I wish them all the success (it can be seen from a distance that they will have it because they are doing things with love and they are very clear about what they want)I speak to women because this project was #femalepower.

Sar Reza is a style activist and fashion guru based in Mexico City, her sense of style has reached influential media and icons such Maple Magazine and pop star Belinda.The witchcraft aplaid in this film took an Oracle twist, inspired by the future and the trends coming ahead, with this futuristic and unique touch, some of the warddrobe was costume made for the cast. (the plump-blue dress that ressembles comfort and a in-the-clouds feeling.) 

No barriers. Non-binary and gender neutral looks, fun colors and The Great Gatsby inspired outfits were key to convery the glory and joy of self care, individuality and power.

Choreography sensations through movements
Daniela Urias

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Daniela Urias, also staring in the fashion film as the final dancer, guided the fashion film coreography through a series of movements and gestures that ressemble all those intimate feelings and tickling sensations every one experiments when is alone after a hard day and finds that little effort on themselves to practice self-love with a skincare routine, because after all, we are the love of our lives, so why don’t spare the time to spoil ourselves a little? 

For the first part of the video, Daniela remarks that in theatre and acting, we often fall for the over-literal way of representing our moods as we portray them. 

But in real life, we have this poker face, and what really betrays us are our eyes, our descreet gestures, breathes, and *feelings* that surpass the emotion to the body. Just imagine and remember those moments of pure intimacy and love for yourself, that will translate to your gestures and will be honest and real. 

“Think about that day when you gave everything of yourself on something, you are tired, but not defeated, you are proud, and feminine, so dont trip over, you are savoring that moment where you will celebrate the day at home like the any girl boss would do.

“Imagine that you are underwater” the goal for the final product was to get a slower-  slow motion effect in the first part of the video when the girl entera the Plump universe/does her skincare routine. To get that, the real life movements had to be indeed, -slow made- to compensate the slow motion effect in the post-production stage.

Production Day - More pre equals less production?

In a very DVL Style, all this moments and ideas were summarized in a one day shooting plan. Call starting at 6:00 am and ending at 12:13 am. The Plump universe was crumbled in four different locations, house 1 pool, house 2 bathroom, co-working office “Spacio Abierto” and photohraphy and video studio “Kino Estudio.” 

Tilta Float - chasing the movement

Working with this stabilizer helped us to get the scene just right in a way it couldnt have work without it,  as Daniela being a profesional dancer, her moves were quick so we had to be to her level in order to capture and follow her through the light spot. This tool, in practice with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K and the DJI Ronin RS2 pro works so well in a production like this, it only takes balance and previous tests and practice for any details that need to be salve before the D-day.


The technical challenge: The transision scene, from noisy everydaylife to water teletransportation into the Plump comfy universe.

This scene was interesting and a little bit trickier, we intercalated between Kino Estudio where we used a mattress and House 1/pool where Elizabeth did several “belly falls” gracefully as she enters the comfy Plump zone on the clip. The crew made sure the pool was covered in black fabric to achieve that “infinity” look as the cast falls into abyss. The underwater scenes were shoot with a gopro in the corner of the pool. Rehearsals and technical tests were key to get achieve this mass production in 1 day, during a full week the production team made tests and notes of what needed to be done and changed.


Set Design

The art department worked with elements like foam to get that atmosphere where Lules is enjoying herself in the bath. 

A white room gives us this sense of peacefullnes and purity, where you feel light as a feather throughout the space.

Daniela gets a scenario where she is the only priority in the moment, with the spot on her and only her, as she gracefully moves in a playfull way with the light.

Production notes - a BTS by DVL Film House

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Light and brightness are the key elements in the cinematography of the piece, presented through a filmic look, we seek to highlight the textures and colors through the reflections of light. Scenes illuminated and contrasted by colors. Starry flares and slight filmic grain. Subtle and elegant camera movements that play with the rhythm of music, actions and a variety of frames to promote dynamism without losing symmetry.

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Photos by @magdalenaceja

POSTPRODUCTION - The editor's diary

It was predicted that it was going to be a “fix in post” project, but in order to give Alexito the right material to work with, we made sure the shots were meticulously precise to get the desired result, and we did.

The whole process to offer a meaningful rhythm and the specific image style was an interesting challenge, the key part of the project was to keep some visual elements communicate some characteristics of the product, maintaining the care of fresh, smooth and good skin are some elements, and maintaining good timing in each scene, next to the rhythm of the music, we want to archive a happy and fresh actitute in every scene, It was a good experience to file that, I think it was the hardest part, keeping all these elements and having an enveloping and entertaining assembly. 

At first, in the pre-production meeting, the idea of ​​doing this sounds totally weird and scary, but at the same time, we knew this was what we were looking for, it’s a good start to have a different idea, a different scenario, in something less * traditional * I would say, but this whole process involves more post production process, is vital have everything programmed as it is in the storyboard.

In something like this it’s hard to imagine at first, all the scenes, but it was necessary to have some meetings at the beginning to solve some post-production aspects such as transition, montage, music and aesthetics for example, I enjoy this creative work process.

In the end, the work on color correction and visual effects was like going fishing, you enjoy every moment, take some time but in the end totally worth it. There is a complete process involved to hold a specific amount of noise, sparkles and glow effect, but without compromising the appearance of the skin, that’s what we were looking for, to have this contemporary look in every scene, with some additional effects to archive this look, but also keeping a clean look.

In the technical part, the video was recorded in 6k braw format and 4k footage from a go pro Hero 9G in flat profile footage and delivery in davinci resolve studio 17 making the whole process a lot smoother and more options to play with, things like color correction and effects, a lot of accessibility to work with the footage.

Working through the entire process to deliver this piece, I focused on post-production, the whole process collaborating with creative people, it gives a real satisfaction to be part of this well developed project, the most important part to see the client so satisfied with the final result and share it, and people love it, that’s the reason I do this, that feeling of bringing things to people, share feelings and entertain with moving pictures.

-Alexito video editor and a friend.





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