"The Happiest Race On Earth!"​

'21 yokohama norra 1000 : "The Happiest Race On Earth!"

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“We have returned off-road motorsports to its roots — camaraderie, hot rodding and fun! The Mexican 1000 Rally is a fully-supported on-road/off-road rally open to vintage and modern vehicles. It will be excitement-filled, with high-performance driving, incredible scenery and world-class adventure” (Yokohama Norra  2021).


Getting in Context.

No other racing event immerses competitors in the culture and beauty of Baja, like the Yokohama NORRA Mexican 1000 – “The Happiest Race On Earth!”, and the competitors run the gamut from off-road racing icons and current stars, to adventure seeking average Joes and well-travelled lovers of Baja. NORRA has classes for bikes, quads, UTV’s, and 4-wheel classes, from vintage vehicles to state-of-the-art race cars. There’s even the Savvy Safari class for stock and slightly modified OEM vehicles (non-race vehicles). NORRA pays homage to the past and celebrates the future. Yokohama contacted us to deliver daily videos and a full event video due to our expertise in past off-road projects. as well as the teams Glickenhaus, who we know from head to toe from the Bajaboot documentary and Caballo del Diablo raced by “The Boyd”  Boyd Jaynes, who also happens to be a cinematography and photography expert.

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We planned ahead how to capture this massive event from different perspectives and race points with 3 crew units. 

The editor selected the music weeks ahead to just work each day on the editing process of the provided material. Equipment tests were required to use the Tilta Float, and it was also the debut of DJI FPV in Baja, a game changer and the newest technology in film drones, perfect for this type of project where we need to chase high-speed vehicles. Yokohama also provided us with tires for our two vehicles as sponsorship and to prepare for the bumpy ride.

DJI FPV, a game changer and the newest technology in film drones, perfect for this type of project where we need to chase high speed vehicles.

Director Alejandro Mendivil

During the nighttime, Tadeo had to edit and deliver each daily video in order to match the deadline and be ready for the next day. 


Norra 1000 takes place in Baja California Norte starting at Santo Tomás to San Felipe Bahía de Los Ángeles and back. You can find a variety of classic cars, motorcycles, razors, buggies, pick ups, and even electric cars (like the Volkswagen ID.4 from Tanner Foust.)

We strategically planned who was going to be in the starting points and who was going to receive the razors at the arrivals, and in the action camp of course, where most of the fun takes place under the sun and the beautiful north-east Mexican landscapes. “Joining Foust and Lofton are fellow Team Yokohama members Boyd Jaynes and Brian Godfrey, who race as Caballo Del Diablo. Things heated for the Caballo Del Diablo Team but getting lost, stuck and massacred by silt makes for a typical week in beautiful Baja.  Lofton was also humble in admitting that he hit a ditch with too much speed, and broke a wheel. The force needed to do that is incredible, and it’s a testament to the strength of his Yokohama, Method Race Wheels Ford that he was able to continue, and to lose only one spot. 90 participants took the start and reached the finish line 63, of which the prototype of the german electric crossover raced by Tanner Foust took 61st place. Obviously, no one expected that this slightly modified electric model could win the test, but it is extremely curious that it was able to reach the finish line without a single mechanical problem.”


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