Natzielli is back! and now alongside her sidekick Lilo Durazo. Beer, food, music and romance, all in one place. Second edition of “Así la Asamos” is taking place in Parque la Ruina with a to-do-list curated by the OCV and some foodie and cultural experts!

“Así la Asamos”

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A prerecorded magazine format where a HOST, a CO-HOST and several guests visit Parque La Ruina, which has become one of the most iconic sites in Hermosillo. We get to know their newest brewery, which brings some classic and new flavors to the uprising crafted beer community of the city. There’s also a travel agency that goes through all the measures necessary to travel during the pandemic of COVID-19.

Getting in Context.

The Visitors and Conventions Office is in charge of bringing new visitors to Hermosillo, and “Así la Asamos” is a key event in its work. Literally translated to “This is how we roast it“, the name of the show not only refers to the typical Sonoran dish of “roast meat/carne asada”, but also to the city in general, its philosophy and its appeal. This program participates in the tourist tianguis and shows how things are done in this city. As well as all the new, interesting and attractive things it has to offer. What better place to present all these opportunities than Parque La Ruina. 

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The key is to present Hermosillo as an attractive location for conferences and conventions.

Show off the unique gastronomy of Hermosillo and how it has evolved into a more urban and modern oriented city. Highlight the combination of urban and rural cultures, and promote the proximity of Hermosillo to the beautiful beaches of Mar de Cortez.

“Considering the topics, we found it ideal to also premiere a trailer of a DVL Original.”
–  Producer Elisa Otero

The key is to present Hermosillo as an attractive location for conferences, conventions and and simply travel.


The second edition of “Así la asamos” for OCV Hermosillo (The Visitors and Conventions Office) we have a host comeback starring our beloved Natzielli Gonzales, who has already participated and nailed the first edition of this series, this time she is joined by Lilo Durazo an known hometown actress who has collaborated with OCV in “What the Hell is Hermosillo?”.

In this particular episode we will take a journey at a very special place for Hermosillo, Parque La Ruina. The official site for a co-working space, which we are part of. Here you can find any sort of activities for all tastes, a Brewery, a delightful gastronomy at the restaurant Mesa Cortez, food trucks, yoga classes, skate park, music concerts, and much, much more.

On one hand we have the OCV heads as guests, guiding you through this cultural and gastronomic journey. Another special guest is Jose Luis Deschamps, who shares his down to earth vision and philosophy of making the changes we need in our city by ourselves, instead of depending on someone else to do it.

Production notes - a BTS by DVL Film House

There’s no better excuse for a chat than some food on the table. Friends, gather ‘round the grill for some insight into how we cook it.
The shots are open and symmetric, we try to play with the industrial look of the park to get a framed shot on the interviews, using mostly natural light to appreciate the sunny and warm places of the park. The sky was in our favor that day, giving us a beautiful sunset resembling a palette similar to the “Para Soñar” color palette, a true symbol of Parque la Ruina.

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Photos by @sofiafelixc

Premiere Campaign

The OCV designed some posters to promote the Facebook Live, as part of the collaboration, we shared and invite our followers and users to join the broadcast.




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