Every corner of Parque La Ruina has a story, join us in this journey full of food, art, and culture with unique and local characters.

Come hear a story, that started at 5 de Mayo street

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In a 2 minute trailer of a 5 year old project, it contains the finest hours we recorded through all this time. Just a glimpse of all the glory we have lived together as a whole operating crew.  Our filmhouse feels humble, fortunate and grateful to hang around those halls just capturing what we will later know as the good old times.


We present to you Park Stories, 

We hope you enjoy, 

with love, the WHOLE crew from DVL Filmhouse and your humble servant Elisa.

Getting in Context.

We have been super fortunate to work in his great workplace environment for a couple of years. Our office was exactly in the hypest place on Earth, or well, the hypest place in Hermosillo Sonora and it was AWESOME. We worked with the most talented people in town, we had a bar just a few steps away and the best thing, there was ALWAYS something going on. Yup, if you´re from Hermosillo you know what place I’m talking about, and then, if you have ever read Archdaily, MDCmagazine, Vanity Fair you´ll know, this fascinating, urban type museum with it´s  exquisite vintage refinery is Parque la Ruina.

Go to Parque La Ruina to  take a look at this peculiar place.


After 200 hours of meetings with the founders, the creators and companies that practically lived here, we made up this mini series.  We knew we had to make a puzzle and figure out how many episodes we wanted to launch, so there were so many ideas from food, arts and sports that we ended up in 8 episodes for this first season.

We obviously need more seasons to actually fully tell the story of a project that just keeps growing, non-stop, no matter a pandemic showing up, this place is ALIVE and will touch the sky, if we all work together to do so.

– Producer Elisa Otero

That made us think about SPORTS, great athletes have been here from all over the world.  And the music, I think the music is what makes this place the most unique place.

The first decision we made was that every episode had to have a mind of itself, this was scrutinizing cause, the stories between them were so different it made no sense making a format that would make every episode look alike.


The intention is to capture the attention of our community by making the staging very dynamic in order to integrate most of the moments that we have lived in this space. We will rely on transitions that will coincide with the camera movements as well as the actions of the characters in the story. It will be a combination of the community’s point of view and the cinematographic intervention of the events that we have managed to document.

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This first trailer is a compilation of media, previous projects from past collaborations, and newly produced material. A lot of the footage is from the people, the collaborators and our film house that has been recording from day one.

PLR Live Sessions - Moonset

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It's a Living

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Mural Perro Negro

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Tecate Sonoro 2019

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Full Moon Groove 2018

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The editing of the video will have an organic twist between the shots of the videos we have recorded and the stories of our collaborators and clients. We will take images of the beginning, where the park was a wasteland and we will see how when the camera moves to one side it is transformed into a park full of food trucks, bars and, most importantly, people living unforgettable experiences. In itself, all the anecdotes and projects will be connected through simple transitions where we will see the beginning of the idea until the project is completed.



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