A true Dakar style adventure,a five-day navigation rally provides the ultimate challenge while being immersed into the unique Sonoran culture and landscapes.


DURATION: 12:26"

FORMAT: 16:9 24FPS

RES: 4K UHD 2160P



study the route, the competitors, the itinerary, the way we are showing this to the world

What is a film crew doing in the desert? Documenting of course. All of the exhilarating action that no one else gets to see, we film it. From the start to the finish line: high mountains, endless valleys, enormous sand dunes and the beautiful coast line. We also document the nitty gritty of the experience: the bivouacs installation, the making of incredible food and drinks and competitors getting together. It is truly a one of a kind event, and the people that come each year enjoy every minute of it, such as the Dakar champion Ricky Brabec and other competitors like Skyler Howes, Colton Udall, Mike Johnson and many more.

Filming by day, editing by night

We managed to make short daily videos during the competition so the rest of the world could see what was happening. Five different stages with different results every day. The public was amazed by the event, even though they were not there to live it. So we made a documentary about it. A twelve minute documentary short that covered the entire week, from the action and the experience to the people that made this happen as well as the logistics of it all, but most importantly, the story of the 2020 Sonora Rally.

Adventuring into the Desert 2020 YOKOHAMA Sonora Rally

Many weeks before the rally starts, we start planning. We study the route, the competitors, the itinerary, the way we are showing this to the world, choosing music, graphics and the entire identity of the rally.

Big landscapes mean big views

The team was divided strategically so we would be able to document everything. While one of us was recording the start lines, another two were already waiting in different parts of the route, and another one was up in the sky ready to shoot from the helicopter. Once the competition was done for the day, we were not done until the sun was down. The hustle doesn’t stop until the rally is completely over.




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