Sweet Masterpiece

Suzi's Cookies shows us how to turn a cookie-baking process into a dynamic journey.

Through Space and Light We Get the Ultimate Munchies-look for the Most Gigantic Cookies You Will Ever Eat

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FORMAT: 16:9 60FPS

RES: 4K UHD 2160P



Getting in Context.

Suzi’s Cookies is a well-known bakery in Hermosillo founded by Gus and his momma Suzi, the cookies are recognized for embracing every sweet whim into a real life piece. Previously we worked with them in a photoshoot in collaboration  with the photographer Alexander Potiomkin  in Kino Estudio, where we played with color contrast and creative elements to give each cookie a personality boost. We moved to a cozier  location where we shot the cookies interact with models in an every – day life context, coffee with friends, family afternoon, lovers and kids getting a little to protective of their cookies.

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Through a dynamic audiovisual piece that is attractive to the eye, it seeks to position the image of Suzis Cookies on TV and social networks. 

We will show the varied catalog of cookies, the attention to detail and the use of quality ingredients and generate a call to action.

– Director Alan Mojica

Choosing the Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro as the right camera for the project, we opted for placing the camera outside the conventional zenith approach to give a shot to an interesting perspective – the eye of the viewer where it accompanies, presence and experiences the meticulous process of the monchosity of a Suzi’s Cookie.

Another tools that came in handy were a Danna Dolly (Watch sec. 32-36) for a dramatic diagonal – dolly out perspective of the cookie mountain.


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The scouting revealed what would be the perfect set for a sensory experience. The Suzi’s Cookies factory is an orchestra of all those sounds that make our palate sweat. Falling M&Ms, crunchy walnuts and the oven’s “your food is ready” timer.


The shots unfold sequentially to the process of making the cookies, starting with the preparation of some isolated ingredients. Visually stimulating moments stand out in a few shots, these shots are harmonized thanks to the sound design and rhythmic montage. The last part of the video is highlighted by delicate and subtle details of ingredients that are visually pleasing.

Production notes - a BTS by DVL Film House

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In this piece we’ll take a look behind the scenes of Suzi’s Cookies TV Spot, from tools to creative direction. The team coordinates all the elements to get the perfect angle and shot.
The cinematography of the piece is made up of completely closed shots: detail shots, extreme close-up, close-up. This to emphasize the macro detail of the ingredients, the crust of the cookies, the light on the surface of the Nutella, the cajeta, the M & Ms, the cinnamon, etc.

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Photos by @magdalenaceja


Sound Design Mix (headphones please)

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80% of the video’s foley was produced by DVL Film House.



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