World’s Perfect Water

The charismatic Adriana makes her job to convince us that Beika is indeed the world's perfect water, travelling from green screen to real desert landscapes.

A revolutionary product and looking to the future; a more sustainable and healthy one.

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By showing certain spots in the Sonoran Desert, BEIKA wants us to know that their water is the most perfect, the vlogger persona is explaining to us why that BOLD statement is true. She takes us from the desert and with the magic of the greenscreen we made it to the warehouse, showing us the process, from how it’s made to how it’s packaged.

Getting in Context.

Beika is a revolutionary product and looking to the future; a more sustainable and healthy one. That is the idea that should be reflected in this clip. In the age of organic products, Beika is 100% green. In a world approaching a water crisis, Beika is sustainable. In a polluted world, Beika water is mineralized with calcium and magnesium, achieving optimal taste. With this perfect combination of electrolytes for your hydration, source brings the highest-quality water for your health. Beika is 100% perfect. All these ideas will be reflected in an accessible and fun way. We chose the San Nicolas dunes near Bahía de Kino to show the beauty of a thirsty desert.

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We chose the San Nicola’s dunes near Bahía de Kino to show the beautifulness of an empty and thirsty desert.

The cast has to be charismatic, and full of energy, someone you want to be friends with…

– Casting Director Elisa Otero

As for the graphic identity part, we can see that the font chosen is as bold as their statement, and that combined with the color palette, and the contrast it makes with the desert behind them.

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We had to be at the Sahuaro desert before 6 am to get the perfect sunrise light.


This was my first time being part of a production team, and after being up since 3am to catch the sunrise, walking in the desert, working with the DVL crew, it was one of the most exhausting experiences but i don’t regret it, this introduce me to the film industry, and it is a difficult job, but at the end, the results are worth all the work.

Production notes - a BTS by DVL Film House

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In this piece we’ll take a look behind the scenes of Beika,  where we team up and jump from a desert to a green screen in a warehouse.


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Photos by @magdalenaceja


Alternative Version

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Alexito likes to experiment with After Effects, so why not take this opportunity to play a little with the green screen? although it didn’t make the cut, we felt it was a pity if we kept this matrix version for ourselves.



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