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A portray to the Perfect House: San Francisco Residencial

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FORMAT: 16:9 60FPS

RES: 4K UHD 2160P



Same house, different environments and stories: we portray the best experience for everyone, making the perfect combination for each life.
This sequence is divided into different scenes, each scene was carefully constructed in each element of the set, portraying a life story of each person, making it possible with a smooth movement of the camera to achieve a good harmony in each scene.

Getting in Context.

San Francisco Valle Residencial is a new residential area at Hermosillo Sonora, it was created with the purpose to bring more security for the families and a fun place for children with a peaceful environment. It is part of a program called Promotora de Hogares, a construction company that has built new places for upcoming families around Hermosillo and other cities in Sonora with 30 years of experience. The objective is to portray the feeling of owning a house, to show the residential lifestyle as well as showing the pricing of the houses. At the end we will show the opening of the new section.

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With an incredible openness to create good memories, we intend to share moments so that people can know how it feels to own a new home, regardless of their lifestyle. 

It was a challenge to achieve clean and smooth camera movements, also, it is not easy to handle a large camera for long periods of time.

– DP Chuy Meneses

We decided to use a Sony Mirrorless, paired with a DJ Ronin making the perfect combination for unique shots with good movement and accessibility, with a very open lens with good aperture that gives an open and clean plane for each scene, making it ideal to generate large spaces and see all the details in the scene.

It was necessary to analyze each space inside and outside the house for each specific scene and role of the characters.

The proposal was to show how everyday people with different lifestyles make the place of their own.


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From an empty home, life and stories begin to emerge sequentially, beginning to roll with smooth, balanced movements and good harmony with the cast, an enjoyable experience.


The staging of the camera is symmetrical, it is mainly composed of very open planes to be able to contemplate different spaces in a house. Camera locations are subtle. A dolly out is used to visit the different rooms that the narrative shows us and in turn generate an illusion of a single shot.

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