Charles Ans – Suave

The piece is a visual travel through intimate moments between Charles Ans and his girl. We wanted to capture unique shots that show the audience an non conventional couple’s story.

DURATION: 3:05 "

FORMAT: 16:9 24FPS

RES: 4K UHD 2160P



Getting In Context

Charles Ans, born and raised in the Sonoran Desert, is considered one of the most outstanding exponents of Rap in Mexico. Suave is one of a three part music video trilogy. 

Charles Ans  on Instagram.


Capture unique shots that show the audience an non conventional couple’s story.


In the preproduction we decided to use the  Black Magic Pocket with a Tilta Armor steadicam so we can get those smooth and clean shots, the whole point of it was to accomplish a clean and natural look for the piece.


On the shooting day we shot in different rooms of the location, also some of the scenes were shot at 60 fps that helped us to achieve the smooth look we were looking for.


The nostalgic 4:3 aspect ratio was the canvas; the Black Magic Pocket, weapon of choice. All in all to capture the warmth of the journey and innovation of the mexican heart and grill.

BTS Gallery

Photos by @jesusmeneses


The sequence goes back and forward between the moments of our two characters and Charles’ music performances. Even though this piece is a couple’s story, the montage rhythm is always in harmony with the music sound of Suave.



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